Create Social Messaging App Like WhatsApp

Advantages of WhatsApp Type Apps

Social Messaging Apps is a powerful and versatile tool that can be used for both commercial and advertising purposes.

Corporate Messaging

This type of app can be used for secure delivery of confidential corporate information between your employees and clients. For such purposes, it is advised to maintain your own server infrastructure, which will be isolated from the public networks and could secure your company from data breaches.

Succeeding in social media market grants you access to powerful ad revenue source.

Social Chat System

There are more than hundred of apps similar to WhatsApp, each boasts its own set of features and values. If you want to get into this market your biggest concerns are proper marketing strategy and unique value proposition, which set you apart from others.

In this case, we would advise you not to rush with development and test your idea first. We’ll gladly give you a hand and run preliminary market research. This way you’ll get initial development advices and competitor analysis. Just follow the link and fill in the form so we could crash test your idea.

Functionality of other Apps Like WhatsApp


Group Chat

Video Call

Audio Call


Sync messages across all devices whether it’s your office desktop, iPhone or a tablet powered by Android.

Location Sharing

This feature enables you to appoint a meeting with clients and attach location right inside the dialog screen.

Offline Connectivity

Your Messenger will work without Wi-Fi connection by using mobile broadband internet connection.

File Sharing

Enables you to send documents, images, and videos to your friends and team members.

Image & Video Editing

Allows users to apply various filters and edit their photos without leaving the app.

Secure Messaging

Use WebSocket protocol which provides secure real-time data transfer.


Can you make a mobile app using cross-platform development language?

No, and we are strongly advising you not to do so! All cross-platform apps experience a significant loss of performance because they are based on techs designed to operate in web-environment rather than mobile.

Another big disadvantage for social media chat is the fact that the development of cross-platform solutions results in disruption of OS guidelines and lowers the UI\UX quality. As a result, your users will feel uncomfortable interacting with WhatsApp clone since they are used to the certain behavior of interface elements on their device.

How long may the development process take?

Same as in case of price, it depends on the complexity of application you want. For instance, social instant chat for iOS took us 616 hours from start to finish.

Nevertheless, a multi-platform solution (Web, Android, iOS) does not necessarily take 3x this time to develop, because all apps will share a single back-end part, which greatly reduces the time needed for development.

In addition, we’ve got extensive experience in coding messaging apps, which gives us a huge boost in productivity as well as knowledge how to make it cheaper without damaging quality.

How much does WhatsApp like application cost to develop?

The average budget for the development of WhatsApp like app is ranging from $10 to $20k. The price can differ depending on the OS platform and the number of additional features you want to integrate.

For instance, the price for simple iOS chat that can handle only text messages can be as low as $2k. Meanwhile, mobile development of a 100% WhatsApp clone will cost above $20k.

Can you add end-to-end encryption into my messaging app?

Yes. There are many technologies and methods used to secure communication between users. End-to-end encryption is one of them and we can integrate it into your app.

We can also integrate additional authorization and content protection methods that are used at enterprise level messengers in order to secure content from falling into the wrong hands.

How to Create an App Like WhatsApp

In essence, the source code of WhatsApp app is built on top of the open standard called Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP).

Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) this is well-known communication protocol used for a near-real-time exchange of data, primarily text-based communication which may constrain the performance of your app.

In addition, the communication via XMPP can be compromised every time clients talk to each other. This may happen because XMPP transmits dialog through the server which can become a weak link.

In contrast, there are ways to develop a peer-to-peer communication system that won’t store dialog on the server side.

Plus, we can develop a messaging app using a different tech called the WebSocket protocol. The WebSocket protocol is credited for its stability and is currently supported by major browsers including Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera.

  We’ll gladly create WhatsApp app clone for your business purposes, whether you need asecure corporate messenger  or a brightsocial communication platform  with multiple data formats supported.

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