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Advantages of KIK applications

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Paid placement in chatbot store
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In-app purchases
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Paid group chat option
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Ads in the free app version

Monetization Potential

Social messaging market offers a broad range of monetization strategies. By entering this industry you won’t be constrained with only one revenue channel.

Open yourself to the new market full of opportunities where you can always take advantage of an additional revenue stream.

All-in-one Communication Tool

People are tired of using single-purpose apps. They want a multi-tool to communicate over all platforms using all possible formats. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs with new ideas to attract users from old messengers to a new one.


KIK is known for allowing users to register without providing a telephone number, thus preserving their anonymity. This feature led to the huge success, gaining popularity among the teenage audience.

You can enhance this feature by adding sophisticated encryption and message protection algorithms, which will be highly appreciated in today's insecure cyber world.

New to the Market?

We would advise you not to rush with development and test your idea first. We can provide you with a free market research, give you development advice and make a competitor analysis. Just follow the link and fill in the form so we could crash test your idea.

We guarantee

full confidentiality and security of all your ideas with NDA!

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Must Have Features in KIK Clone

Texting apps like KIK have a vast customization potential. There are numerous features we can add
to make your messenger stand out from competitors.

advantage icon Filesharing
advantage icon Anonymity
advantage icon Location sharing
advantage icon Secure messaging
advantage icon Video calls
advantage icon Stickers & memes
advantage icon AR filters
advantage icon Chatbot platform


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How much does an app like KIK will cost to develop?

The average budget for development of messenger like KIK is ranging from $5 to $15k. The price varies primarily because of the OS platform you choose, a number of features, modules, and content you’d like to add to the app.

Keep in mind that a single-platform KIK app for iPhone with plenty of features may cost $10k as well as a simple messenger for both iOS and Android. Write down your requirements in the form below so we could provide you with a precise quote.

How long may take the development process?

As well as in the case of the price, it depends on the complexity of the application you want. For instance, social instant chat for iOS took us 616 hours from start to finish.

Meanwhile, a multi-platform solution for Web, Android and iOS does not necessarily triple time for development, because all apps will share a single back-end. In addition, we’ve got extensive experience in coding messaging apps, which give us a huge boost in productivity as well as knowledge on how to make it cheaper without damaging quality.

Can you make a cross-platform mobile app?

No, and we are strongly advising you not to do so! All cross-platform apps experience a significant loss of performance because they are based on techs that designed to operate in web-environment rather than mobile.

Another big disadvantage for social media chat is the fact that the development of cross-platform solutions results in disruption of OS guidelines and lowers the UI\UX quality. As a result, your users will feel uncomfortable interacting with your app since they are used to a certain behavior of interface elements on their device.

Can you add end-to-end encryption into my messaging app?

Yes. There are many technologies and methods used to secure communication between users. End-to-end encryption is one of them and we can integrate it into your app.

We can also integrate additional authorization and content protection methods that are used in enterprise level messengers in order to secure content from falling into the wrong hands.

Can you make a KIK web client?

You bet! We are proficient in development of SaaS projects and cloud solutions. Making a KIK web app for us will be no different from mobile development. In fact, you can later use back-end part of your web app to build mobile versions on top of it.

How to Make a KIK Like App

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Clear UI

Apps like KIK are all built around communication, and making the communication process easier is what is most valued in them. We can add this value to your messenger designing a clear user interface that will appeal to all target audiences.

Engaging UX

Great and fluid user experience is a second most important part of mobile apps, and social messengers like KIK is no different. We have a thoughtful design team that will make a user flow inside your app as intuitive as it could possibly be.

Flawless Performance

Finally, a fast, crash-free messenger is a must. For these purposes, we use reliable tech called WebSocket Protocol. The WebSocket protocol is credited for its stability and used in all major browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera.

You can take advantage of this tech and our knowledge, just contact us!

We’ll gladly develop KIK app clone for your business purposes,
you need a secure corporate messenger or a bright social communication platform
with engaging UI/UX.

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