Types of Fitness Apps

There are thousands of ways to stay healthy. It’s up to you which one to choose.

  1. Fitness Apps

    • Workout apps
    • Nutrition and diet apps
    • Activity tracking apps
    • Gym apps
    • Personal trainer apps
    • Sports teams apps
    Users spend twice as long in sports apps than any other application.
    On average, U.S. consumers spend $155 on health and fitness per month.
    Fitness app usage strongly correlates with seasonal workout habits.
    Workout and weight loss apps are holding the ¾ of the fitness app sessions.
    Most health&fitness app users stay loyal to their apps and use only one or two.

Key Features of Health
& Fitness Apps

There are thousands of fitness apps available on the market. Therefore, the choice of key features for a product becomes crucial part of your success.

    • Personal goals and progress
    • Activity tracking
    • Integration with wearable devices
    • Hydration balance tracking
    • Nutrition tracking and analysis
    • Sleep duration and quality tracking
    • Calories calculator
    • Body-fat percentage estimation
    • Live-streaming
    • Music apps integration

How to Make a Fitness App

40% of US citizens named healthcare one of their Top 3 priorities. The majority of consumers are very demanding on which health supplementing apps to use. As industry experts, we always advise to focus on the mission of your app and choose only specialized and worthwhile content that will be appreciated by users.

Offline content

Allow users to download workout videos, healthy recipes or any other useful information directly to their devices.

Plan builders

By launching a nutrition app you can provide users with meal plans, based on their goals, weight and food preferences. It is advised to build such apps around curated content or personal brand. You can supply users with ready-made solutions or create it with the help of smart algorithms for each user personally.

Body-fat percentage estimation

This information is extremely important for professional sportsmen during the preparations for the competitions. At the same time, people who are working on their weight loss require this estimation as well. The percentage can be calculated based on the sports activities tracking and the data that users fill in during onboarding.


Usually, people lack the motivation to do sports. You can change this by adding progress bars, mentorship programs, or prompt reaching new levels only upon the completion of the previous ones.

Wearables support

Google Fit SDK is used in fitness application development to connect smartphones with wearable devices. Meanwhile, HealthKit API by Apple is more focused on deep health data analysis that makes iOS fitness apps even more engaging.


By building a fitness app you get a wide range of monetization options starting from ads in a free version. On the other hand, when buying premium account users can get an access to the custom training programs or meal plans. One more win-win monetization strategy is turning off ads for premium users. Or, you can add such additional functions as real-time performance data, expert guidance, hydration measurement, logging food, etc.

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Major business niches of our expertise

Our team has excellent coding skills and rich experience in creating apps for all business niches mentioned below. Our own rich base of ready-made solutions in these areas helps us to stand out from other web app development companies and we can make you outshine your competitors too.

Web Applications for Businesses
Web Applications for Businesses

Make your business and employees more organized and efficient. Develop a custom business application and increase productivity in your company by reducing the number of routine tasks and removing risk of human error

from 1500+ hours 3-4 months
Travel & Booking Portals
Travel & Booking Portals

Expand your client base, increase profit and make your customers’ experience more convenient. Develop an easy-to-use trip builder or booking portal able to aggregate prices and parce vacation offers from various different platforms at once.

2000+ hours 3-4 months Learn More
Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Keep up with the future and create a smart environment around you. Develop highly performing IoT system with GBKSOFT to optimize your current working systems and make them perform much better.

1000+ hours 2-3 months Learn More
Healthcare Software Solutions
Healthcare Software Solutions

Develop a healthcare app to provide better service and implement automation of routine processes. We can build apps with complex knowledge bases, as well as solutions for diagnostics, appointment booking, patient progress checking, video conferencing, etc.

2000+ hours 3-4 months
Logistics Software Solutions
Logistics Software Solutions

Boost the efficiency of your logistics business and save money. Start building a logistics management application with our agency and get a holistic solution able to optimize your supply chain and increase delivery speed.

4000+ hours 6-7 months Learn More
Trading Systems
Trading Systems

Make the investment experience simpler and faster for your clients. Contact our trading platform development company and build a solution with real-time profit\loss capabilities and get access to advanced market statistics.

6000+ hours 8-9 months Learn More
Software as a Service
Software as a Service (SaaS)

Process big data, increase your business security and employee productivity. We can develop a reliable and cost-effective SaaS with simple setup, integration options and advanced functionality.

5000+ hours 7-8 months Learn More
Job Boards
Job Boards

Make the job search experience simpler for your users. Our web application developers can make a smart and easy-to-use job board with fast and efficient service for CV generation and database processing.

3000+ hours 5-6 months Learn More
Betting platform development
Betting platform development

Increase your margins, ensure your business safety and gather user statistics on the fly. We will provide sport fantasy website development or build a secure custom betting app with a reliable backend, real-time data exchange and the ability to process huge traffic loads.

3000+ hours 5-6 months Learn More
Sports and Fitness Apps
Sports and Fitness Apps

Promote your gym and monetize your personal training programs. Our team can develop cutting-edge application to help you attract new gym members while keeping regulars and raise awareness about your professional services.

2000+ hours 3-4 months Learn More
Educational Websites
Educational Websites

Develop an educational web app and let it bring you income. We can build a robust and engaging educational platform for sharing all your knowledge, e-learning resources and video tutorials with your community in real-time.

4000+ hours 6-7 months Learn More

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