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How to Make Money with
Websites Similar to Expedia

Expedia has effectively generated $8 billion in revenue
in 2016. Over 70% of its money has come from hotel
reservation. But what’s interesting is the fact that
Expedia commissions about 25% off each deal.
Meaning, you as a hotel owner should give 25% of your
profits to Expedia.

In 2016, global online travel sales
exceeded $560 billion.

Along with Expedia, which is focused more on the U.S. market, there are similar
Online Travel Agents (OTA) like and that charge pretty
much the same commission around 15-20%. For some hotels and hostels giving
away 15% of their profits is way too much. That is where smaller travel businesses
and online travel agencies can succeed.

By developing a unique web platform that has fare offerings for both hotel owners
and guests you can get into online travel agency market. You just need to

Know What Your Customers Want.

How to Build an Online Travel
Agency App Like Expedia

We can develop an Expedia clone app of any
complexity. But the truth is that there is no need to
create another OTA that is completely similar to

There are more than dozen companies like Expedia that have apps for iOS and
Android devices. There is nothing difficult for us to develop another clone. But if you
want to succeed it’s required to make an app that stands out on the market. And
we know how to make it right!

For example, we always adapt mobile apps to local culture and integrate only those
features that will work for your core value proposition.


How Does Online Travel
Agency Work

Most of existing OTAs work as an extension of their main offline business. They don’t
transform their business processes and use online space for advertising purposes
only. Of course, they don’t survive the competition.

If you have an offline travel agency, you should completely rearrange the business
structure. Expedia-like app can perform much better than just an advertising
platform. The app can effectively move customers through the conversion funnel up
to the sales point. Here’s how it works:

Destinations Discovery

Rise the discoverability potential of your business by providing useful and engaging travel content. This is your main lead generation channel. The better information you serve, the more customers you get.

  • Information and destination travel guides
  • User generated reviews and ratings
  • Exclusive tours and travel experiences

Flight Search & Booking

Allow customers to search flights, check the fares, routes, and book them through your mobile app. The better functionality you can provide on this step the more chances users will actually book tickets and hotels via your travel platform.

  • Online reservation system
  • Low tickets prices search engine
  • Search through multiple airlines
  • Low fares alerts

Hotel Search & Booking

Provide users with maximum information for choosing the right hotel in terms price, services, and comfort. We will implement the best UX practices that will push your visitors to make purchases in you mobile app.

  • Guest review
  • Booking system
  • Extensive filtering options
  • Apartment descriptions


Increase your Average Purchase Value by offering users custom tailored propositions according to their travel needs and exclusive offering you have.

  • Car rental - for business travels
  • Insurance - for vacation travels
  • Tours & Travel experiences booking
  • Flight upgrades - for those who travel alone

Features of Expedia-like iPhone
& Android Apps

Triple Solution

While 70% of all travel-related purchases are made through desktop devices, more than half of all searches and price comparisons users perform through their mobile devices. That’s why it is vital to build OTA app that runs on three major platforms at once: iOS, Android, Web.

Though, you can start from a web app development. Later on, you can develop native iOS and Android apps on top of existing back-end. We can design a travel web app with a proper architecture, so it could be easily upgraded to mobile format.

Mobile apps for outreach
Web app for sales

Online Reservation System

Additional services are what users expect to see in every OTA. Consider making an
all-in-one travel platform like Expedia did by adding flight booking engine and car
rental service. Grow a complete travel ecosystem around your core proposal.

You don’t need to develop all reservation systems by
yourself. We can connect your app to existing search
engines through the API.
Car rental
Train tickets
Bus tickets
Flight booking
Event tickets
Cruise deals

Travel ecosystem will pay for itself. It will generate
additional income through up sales and affiliate

Hot Deals Generation Engine

Serve best offerings to your customers based on their travel history and interests. We can develop a system that will automatically aggregate best prices from hotels and airlines into bundles so you could sell them for the special price.



How much does Expedia-like
app cost to develop?

The average budget for development of Expedia-like app varies between $40 to $100 thousands. The price can differ depending on the OS platform and the number of additional features, APIs you want to integrate.

Consider starting with web platform and then grow to other OS systems, this will shave you around 15% of costs. If you already have some sort of website, we can build mobile app on top of it. This may cost you 30% less than building OTA from scratch.

Can you make a cross-platform
mobile app?

No, and we are strongly advising you not to do so! Even simple cross-platform apps are subject to unexpected malfunctions and experience significant performance loss. The development of cross-platform solution also affects the design and customization possibilities.

Meanwhile, you’ll still need to spend time and code individual communication rules that connect external APIs to iOS and Android.

What payment methods can you integrate into my web / mobile app clone?

We can integrate any payment gateway as long as it has an open API to communicate with your app: starting from well-known PayPal or Stripe and ending with local payment systems that process MasterCard and VISA credit cards.

How about localization and multi-language support?

There is absolutely no problem in making multilingual app or website. But you should inform us in advance even if you don’t plan to do localization from the very beginning. You should decide before specification stage, so we could add appropriate edits to app’s architecture.


We’ll provide a quote for development of image messaging app
with a set of features optimized for your business needs.