Shape the unknowns into the defined scope

Shape the unknowns into the defined scope Discovery Stage

What is the purpose of
the discovery stage?

Discovery stage is a pre-development phase that includes gathering
of information, holistic research and writing technical documentation to:

What is the purpose of the discovery stage?
  • Mitigate all future risks
  • Plan the development
  • Ensure project flexibility
  • Shape your app idea
  • Optimize development costs
  • Discover the unknowns
  • Eliminate uncertainty

Who needs the Discovery stage?

Businesses that need to optimise their business flows but do not know how.

Businesses that need to optimise their business flows but do not know how.

Businesses & Enterprises that have a lot of documentation and stakeholders and need a clear vision on initiative.

Businesses & Enterprises that have a lot of documentation and stakeholders and need a clear vision on initiative.

Startups that need to shape their idea into the step by step plan.

Startups that need to shape their idea into the step by step plan.

Need help with the validation and
structuring of your ideas?

Start discovery stage when

What is the purpose of the discovery stage?
Lots of documents for review and study

What uncertainties
to discover?



Discovery Stage would list, validate, unify and standardize the approach to 3d-party solutions, functional and non-functional development, take key decisions on architecture making the infrastructure and development cost predictive.



Too many ideas, processes, problems, raised initiatives that need wording, coordination and prioritization would be defined during the Discovery Phase.


Discovery stage would validate that those systems can be applied within the industry and your business standards, compliances, software and hardware limitations, time frame constraints, documentation limitations, etc.

Standards and

There may be lots of standards and regulations, which should be reviewed, verified and set for the project to follow.

Discovery stage
structure and flow

Duration time

1-3 weeks on average

Approximate cost


Specialists involved

  • Business Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Software Architect
  • UI/UX Designer

Key stages

2-3 days


We arrange a call to briefly discuss your idea, business needs, goals and priorities. Together we’ll schedule working sessions and meetings and think over the discovery plan.

  • Clear discovery plan and schedule
  • Meetings schedule
Up to 5 days


During this stage we focus on the high-level vision and dive into your business sphere. You’ll easily define your high-level priorities and form complete project vision with us.

  • Project Vision Document
  • Mind diagrams (user flows, business flows, list of solution options, etc.)
5+ days on average


Prioritize your solution options and write high level project structure. On this stage user flows, wireframes, design concept, and roadmap are being prepared. We also perform prioritization validation.

  • Preliminary Specifications.
  • Wireframes.
  • Verified project estimation.
  • Roadmap.
  • List of 3d-party solutions.
  • Tech vision.
  • Defined Risks.

Don’t put your ideas aside

Valide all of them and get valuable deliverables for
trouble-free development

What you get

Project Vision Document

This document helps to address the question - “Why should this project be made?”
It will
- describe the main idea behind the project,
- define objectives and problems that the solution will solve.

Project Vision Document will help you to identify your value proposition and target audience, monetization strategy and key performance indicators.

Project Vision Document

Preliminary Specifications

Specifications document contains a well-formulated and comprehensive backlog. It captures functional and non-functional requirements, information about the tech stack. It is written in a form of epics and separate user stories.

Preliminary Specifications

Tech Vision

The list of all necessary third-party solutions, their limitations and alternatives will be specified in this document. It will also contain the info about tech stack, infrastructure and project scheme, key risks, main decisions and verified estimation of your project.

Tech Vision


This is a visualized plan of your future project that captures goals (long and short-term), priorities, deliverables and list of actions that will be performed by the developers team. Roadmap contains info about key milestones, project timeline and schedule.


and Design Concept

You will get all designer documentation, wireframes and UX roadmap that will help you to get a full picture of how your solution will look and how its elements will work.

Wireframes and Design Concept

Let's shape your idea into the
project plan together!

Benefits of the Discovery Stage

Preparation is the key to success, especially if you are dealing with software development.
Take your time and don’t skip the discovery stage to benefit from all its advantages

Benefits of Discovery Stage

Already completed the discovery
stage and got all deliverables?

Start the development process now and get
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