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Release a product quickly by creating an MVP first and test your concept before putting significant investments into development

What is MVP?

MVP (or minimum viable product) is a version of a new product containing the least number of features that is sufficient to satisfy early customers and allow its creators to gather validated knowledge based on user feedback

MVP goals:

to release a product fast

to prove product - market fit

to validate hypothesis

to get user feedback

to mitigate risks

Types of MVP feature-set

Every product is unique and so is its MVP. That’s why to define what functionality to include in a specific minimum viable product, you need to consider the nature of a product, users’ expectations, potential markets, and many other factors. But the basic feature combinations are:

Option 01

  • most features of existing similar products
  • plus core new features

Option 02

  • selected features of existing similar product
  • plus core/all new features

Option 03

  • no features of existing similar products
  • plus core/all new features

Option 04

  • selected/most features of existing similar products
  • but with the enhanced quality

What benefits you get

MVP is not a profitable product that you can sell to a broad audience. But building it before the development of a full-fledged application is a widespread practice that always pays off in the end. The main benefits of MVP for startups and established enterprises are similar. They include:

Early testing opportunity

MVP allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your idea and determine if a product solves real customers’ problems before you spend the whole budget on the full development.

Faster time to market

Building an MVP takes less time than the development of a complete product. Hence, you can start promoting your product and building a user base early on.

User feedback

MVP helps you get a better understanding of what your target audiences really want and what they like or dislike about your product.

Minimum initial investments

MVP requires less upfront investments as compared to the full development. Hence, you don’t spend all your resources on the product that might not be the right fit for your target market.

Probation period for the team

If you want to create a successful product, it’s important to be on the same page with your development team. Building an MVP is a great chance to make sure that you can entrust your project to outsource developers of your choice.

Risk mitigation

Most software development projects are complex and, thus, associated with many risks. Building an MVP is one of the most effective ways to minimize them.

Higher chances to get funding

Startuppers can use MVP to showcase investors their ideas and get better chances to receive funding from them.

MVP development cycle

MVP is about getting to market fast. But it doesn’t mean that the quality can be compromised. Here, at GBKSOFT, we follow the steps below to build successful MVPs which help our clients reach their business goals


Understanding your idea

At the very beginning, you share your idea with us and our expert team analyzes all the information you provide.


Feature prioritization

Working closely with a client, we determine must-have features which have to be included in MVP. We also briefly outline the functionality that is to be added to the product in the future.



This is the core phase of the whole process. During this stage, our whole team works on making your idea a reality, including UX/UI designers who create an MVP design and programmers who write code.


Release and feedback

Once the MVP is ready for the launch, you can offer it to early customers in order to learn from their interactions with the product, get feedback, and test your initial assumptions in practice.


Moving forward

MVP is just the first step. After you make sure that you’re going in the right direction, we’ll proceed with the development of the product and its post-release maintenance.

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